10 Best Songs of Mahesh Babu Movies | Mahesh Babu Best Songs

10 Best Songs of Mahesh Babu Movies: Mahesh Babu is a Tollywood Superstar who never fails to impress his audiences with his songs. We haven’t heard some of his incredible songs in a long time, but they are always on our minds. If you are a Mahesh Babu fan, remember to read this list! Here is a list of our favorite Mahesh Babu songs. Please feel free to add to the list, and don’t bother to thank.

10 Best Songs of Mahesh Babu Movies

1. Cheppave Chirugaali – Okkadu
2. Hare Rama Hare Krishna – Okkadu

3. Guruvaram March Okati – Dookudu

4. Endhuki Prayamu – Raja Kumarudu

5. Piliche – Khaleja

6. Aaja Saroja – Aagadu

7. Bhag Saale – Businessman

8. Pokiri Tittle song – Pokiri

9. Athadu Tittle song – Athadu

10. Naluguriki – Takkari Donga

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